Fundraising 101

One of the questions we are asked most frequently is; “how do I raise that much money?”

While we don’t pretend it is easy, there are lots of things you can do to reach, or even surpass, your fundraising target. These are a few of them but there are lots more – use your imagination and you’ll start seeing fundraising opportunities everywhere!


Start by setting up your online fundraising page by clicking here

Once you have your fundraising page set up, let people know about it. Post on Facebook, Twitter and other social media – and keep posting. A lot of people don’t support the first couple of times they see the link. Add a link into your email footer meaning everyone you email will know about what you are doing. Keep your social media posts interesting and engaging – talk about Street Child United, how our work makes a difference, the Challenge, how your training is going…. Not forgetting any other fundraising activities (such as those below) you are organising.

It might seem ‘old school’ but print out a sponsorship form (click here for yours) to carry with you. Lots of people mean well but forget to sponsor you because they have other things on their mind. By carrying a sponsorship form you can ask people to sponsor you straight away whenever you bump into them. You’ll be surprised how much it can add to your fundraising.

Don’t forget Gift Aid. It is easily overlooked but if everyone who sponsors you ticks the Gift Aid box then every £10 becomes £12 – as long as the supporter is a UK tax payer. This is automatically asked with your online fundraising page but don’t forget to check when raising funds with your paper sponsorship form.


There are lots of ways to fundraise, use your imagination. Here are just a few that have been used successfully by people who have done the Rio 3 Peaks Challenge in the past:

Take part in ‘build-up’ events which help your fitness – for example, running a 5km fun run for Street Child United where the funds you raise get counted towards your Rio 3 Peaks total. Running events, walking, cycling, swimming, the list is endless. Do it fancy dress and you’ll raise even more!

Have a Brazilian themed event. This could be anything from a dress down day at work (in Brazilian colours) to a themed BBQ at home, and more. Just ask for donations from everyone taking part, remembering to set a ‘minimum donation’ figure to ensure everyone chips in fairly.

Quiz nights are very popular. Ask your local pub or coffee shop if they will allow you to hold one as a fundraiser. Emphasise the extra trade they could bring in, arrange a date, promote it and don’t forget to make it fun.

Do you have talented friends who will support you? A singer who will do a gig? An artist who will do an exhibition? Don’t be afraid to ask, you’ll be surprised what people will do to help friends who are fundraising.

Have a clear out. When was the last time you went through your wardrobe and cleared it out? What about those old novels you’ve already read? Old laptops, old mobile phones, stuff you just don’t use? Get it all to a car boot sale, put it on Ebay, put it in the local free lists – anything to get rid of it! Not only will you declutter your home, you’ll raise more funds towards your target.

Are you good at talking? Offer to present talks at local schools, colleges and businesses on your trip, the challenge, who it helps and how. It’s a great awareness raiser but also a good way to ask for donations from your audience.

Run a sweepstake. Who will win Wimbledon, Euro 2016, the British Open… The opportunities to raise funds using a sweepstake are almost endless and it involves people in what you are doing. Split what you take 50/50 for prizes and fundraising.

Matched fundraising. Find a local business to match your fundraising. Some local bank branches do this but other local business might do so too. Even if they decline you can always ask if they will sponsor you instead – it all adds up.

Give up a coffee a day (or similar) and put the money you save towards your fundraising. What you raise this way will start adding up very quickly.

Use your hobbies. Have a pitch and put competition, a tennis tournament, a bake-off, whatever you love doing there will be a way to turn it to fundraising.

Be creative. Think of easy ways to raise lots of money either yourself or through collective effort. For example, save 1p then 1p more every day (1p on day one, 2p on day two, 3p on day three and so on). In 100 days you will have saved £50.50 towards your goal and the longer you do it the more you raise for only a small daily amount. Ask friends, family and work colleagues to join you and you will be surprised how quickly the funds add up.

Ask for ideas. Ask friends, family and work colleagues for novel fundraising ideas. You could even turn it into a fundraising competition to see who comes up with the best idea!

Fundraising can be tremendous fun. Treat it as such, enjoy it, involve others and you will be surprised how much easier reaching that target suddenly becomes.

Good luck and don’t forget – you’re not on your own. We’ll always be here with help and advice.