Street Child United

Around the world millions of children are forced to survive on the streets. They are stigmatised, mistreated and marginalised leaving them vulnerable to violence, abuse and exploitation

Their human rights are routinely violated. Their voices are rarely heard.

We are Street Child United

We use the power of sport to provide a platform for street children to be seen and their voices to be heard, so they can receive the protection, support and opportunities every child is entitled to.

Ahead of the world’s biggest sporting competition, we organise international sports events that invite street children to be at the centre of the call for their rights, challenging the negative perceptions and treatment of street children worldwide.

We are the proud organisers of the Street Child World Cup and first Street Child Games.

See how your support will make a difference

Your extraordinary support will ensure we can continue to provide a platform for street children to be seen on a level playing field and their voices to be heard, affecting change at three levels:

  • Individual: empower former street children as ambassadors for the rights of all street children,
  • Local: raise awareness and increase support for the work of our partner organisations protecting and supporting street children in country,
  • Global: highlight the issues faced by street children and change the way these children are negatively seen and treated worldwide.


Brazil Street Child Ambassador Drika, who lifted the Street Child World Cup in 2014, recently attended the Michael Johnson leadership programme in Dallas, Texas and has now returned to Rio de Janeiro to work as a coach and mentor to children at risk of the streets.

Drika   Innocent

Innocent grew up on the streets in Burundi, and now represents street children in his country and across the world as an ambassador for their rights. He works with our local partner in Burundi to help children still living on the streets.

Now I represent the street children in Burundi and am happy to be their ambassador. I can speak on their behalf and help bring about change in their lives.”


2014 Street Child World Cup leads to I AM SOMEBODY tour in Pakistan achieving a national resolution for 1.5 million street children, led by our partners,

Inaugural 2010 Street Child World Cup helps local partner end illegal policy of Police round-ups of street children,

Safe Space pitch: Street Child United, with the support of GM Chevolet, rebuilds a derelict community football pitch in Complex da Penha, providing local children at risk of the streets an alternative to the violent drugs trade.


Rio Resolution created by young people at the 2016 Street Child Games inspires UN Special Envoy for Youth to share with relevant UN Offices,

Young people at the Street Child Games contribute to ground breaking UN guidance on their rights – the UN General Comment on street children.

Street Child United sends letter to IOC demanding local organising committees consult and support street child organisations.

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Street Child United are a UK registered charity. Charity No. 1144951.