The Challenge

The full itinerary for trip can be found by clicking here. Below is an outline of the day of the Rio 3 Peaks Challenge.

Starting at 7.00 a.m. at the foot of Pedra da Gavea, the Challenge takes you up and back down the first two peaks before finishing at the peak of the third climb within the 12 hour time limit. Along the way you will encounter tropical rainforest, a vertical climb and a vibrant favela and, possibly, spot wildlife as diverse as monkeysand snakes.

Peak One: Pedra da Gavea (Gavea Rock)

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Height: 844m
Length of Walk/Climb: 1.7km (3.4km up and back down)
Terrain: Mountain trail with some climbing.
Of Note: Pedra da Gavea (the first mountain to be formally baptised) is a monolith located in the Tijuca Forest in Barra da Tijuca. Pedra da Gávea is a rocky outcrop in the shallow waters of a harbour. The flat top of the mountain is capped with a layer of granite, whereas underneath, the mound is made up of gneiss. It is the largest seaside stone block on the planet. The mountain itself is covered in lemon, orange, breadfruit, banana, and papaya trees, as well as cannasas and roses.
The ‘seawall’ part of the mountain has some rare inscriptions said to be left by the ancient Phoenicians and has also been the site of archaeological finds including early fossilised beetles.
On the climb you will pass through some rare forest and fauna, some found only in this part of Brazil, including the rare Orchid Laelia Lobata.
The Pedra da Gávea trek is without doubt one of the most incredible treks in Rio de Janeiro. It takes around two hours to get to the top.

Peak Two: Morro Dois Irmaos (Two Brothers Hill)


Height: 533m
Length of Walk/Climb: 1.6km (3.2km up and back down)
Terrain: Mountain trail with some climbing.
Of Note: The Dois Irmaos trek is home to one of the most famous postcard pictures, allowing a great view from Ipanema and Leblon beaches and across to the Christ the Redeemer statue (our third climb). It has a great social aspect to it as it requires a walk through one of the most well-known favelas in Rio, Vidigal, offering a great view from some of the most contrasting areas of the city. It takes about an hour to get up to the summit.

Peak Three: Corcovado (Hunchback)


Height: 710m
Length of Walk/Climb: 1.8km (1.8km up then back down by bus)
Terrain: Mountain trail with some climbing.
Of Note: Corcovado is a mountain in central Rio de Janeiro. The 710-metre granite peak is located in the Tijuca Forest, a national park. Corcovado hill lies just west of the city centre but is wholly within the city limits and visible from great distances. It is known worldwide for the 38-metre statue of Jesus atop its peak, entitled Cristo Redentor or “Christ the Redeemer”.
The Christ the Redeemer trek starts at Parque Lage, inside one of the sectors of the Parque Nacional da Floresta da Tijuca (Tijuca Forest National Park), famous due to the its rain forest, mansion and imperial palm trees. It takes around one and a half hours to reach the top and the view is highly rewarding.

Also Part of the Trip

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Unique among fundraising challenge trips, the Rio 3 Peaks Challenge offers the opportunity not only to raise funds for Street Child United’s important work but also to visit some of the projects your fundraising will support and to learn about the very real difference your efforts will  make to the lives of the children benefiting from the projects. For more detail on some of Street Child United’s projects in Rio visit our How Your Support Helps page by clicking here.

Subject to  confirmation, you will visit projects such as the Chevrolet Pitch (Penha Girls & Boys project) in the Penha favela and hear stories first hand from young people saved from the streets, from gang life and from drugs by the project. You will meet youngsters who have benefited from Street Child United’s support and gone on to represent their country in the Street Child World Cup and who now mentor others. And you will have the opportunity for a kick about on the world famous Copacabana beach with some of the local street children.

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